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Find A Gift Box Partner

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    Find A Gift Box Partner

    1. Plate. Now the gift of exquisite appearance of beautiful, so the color version of the packaging production is also varied, usually a style of gift box not only has four basic colors and a few spot colors, such as gold, silver, these are spot color.
    In this case,
    2. Select the paper. General gift box paper are made of double copper and dumb bronze paper to do, the weight is generally 128G, 105G, 157G, very few gift wrapping paper will have 200G or more, because the paper is too thick mounted out of the box easy to bubble , And the appearance looks very stiff, Biaozhi is based on customer needs to select the appropriate double-gray paper, commonly known as gray paperboard or gray cardboard.
    In this case,
    3. Printing. Gift box is only printing paper, Biaozhi is not printed, most only dyeing, because the gift box is outside the box, so the printing process is very high, the most taboo color differences, ink points, rotten these aesthetic impact Shortcomings
    In this case,
    4. Surface treatment. Gift boxes of paper usually do surface treatment, the common is too light plastic, over dumb rubber, over UV, over light oil, over dumb oil
    In this case,
    5. Beer. Beer is the printing process in the more important part of the standard must be accurate to be accurate, if the beer are not allowed, beer bias, beer, which will continue to follow the processing of these
    In this case,
    6. Mount. Usually printed paper is the first mounted after the beer, but the gift box is mounted after the first beer, one afraid to get flower paper, the second is to pay attention to the overall appearance of gift boxes, gift boxes Biaozhi must be handmade, this can reach a certain beauty.