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Gfh2009 Rfog Micronode Fiber To The Home

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  • Gfh2009 Rfog Micronode Fiber To The Home Description » Recommend

    • Currency Type: USD
    • Unit Price: 95
    • Quantity: 1

    Gfh2009 Rfog Micronode Fiber To The Home Larger Image

    Fiber Optical Transmission Image,

    Gfh2009 Rfog Micronode Fiber To The Home

    Product Information
    GFH2009 RFoG MicroNode is designed to receive 1550nm TV RF optical signal from Passive Optical Network (PON) and send upstream cable modem signals at 1610nm or other CWDM wavelength while optionally passing the 1310nm and 1490nm digital signals to GPON/GEPON ONU. GFH2009 supports the return RF signal burst mode transmission, allowing one cable modem to communicate with CMTS at the time section of TDMA. GFH2009 outputs bi-directional interactive RF services. GFH2009 is designed to support DOCSIS2.0, DOCSIS3.0 or DOCSIS3.1.
    Compact Aluminum Housing
    1002MHz or 1218MHz forward path RF bandwidth
    >16dBmV RF output or >36dBmV RF output option
    ALC effective at -10dBm~-2dBm optical input
    5~42MHz/65MHz/85MHz/204MHz return RF bandwidth option
    1610nm/1310nm or other CWDM DFB laser wavelength working at burst mode
    Support 1x32 20Km SM fiber distance PON or 1x64 10Km fiber distance PON
    LED display forward and return optical working status
    1310nm/1490nm ONU WDM Optional
    12V DC power adaptor powering at DC socket
    12V DC power at RF port and optional output 12V 0.5A DC to adjacent ONU/ONT at the DC socket
    Ordering Information:
    GFH2009X-A-B-C-D-E Fiber to the Home RFoG MicroNode
    X (Forward RF output level): none_16dBmV version, H_36dBmV version
    A (Forward Path RF Bandwidth): 10_1002MHz, 12_1218MHz
    B (Return Path Laser Wavelength): 61_1610nm, 31_1310nm, 37_1370nm, 39_1390nm,
    41_1410nm, 43_1430nm, 45_1450nm, 47_1470nm, 49_1490nm
    51_1510nm, 59_1590nm
    C (RF Frequency Duplexer): 1_42/54MHz, 2_65/85MHz, 3_85/105MHz, 4_204/258MHz
    D (12V DC Power): R_ Power input at RF port via DC power inserter
    RP_Power input at RF port and output 12V DC at DC port
    None_Default Regular Power Adaptor input at DC port
    E (ONU Loop Port): None_No ONU port, W_Including 1310nm/1490nm WDM for ONU
    Item Parameter
    Forward Path Receiver
    Forward RF Optical Wavelength 1540~1560 nm
    Working Optical Input Power -8dBm ~ 0dBm (Analog TV)
    -16dBm ~ 0dBm (Digital TV QAM)
    Fiber Input Connector SC/APC
    Optical Return Loss 45 dB
    RF Bandwidth 54 ~ 1002MHz (42/54MHz Frequency Duplexer)
    85~ 1218MHz (65/85MHz Frequency Duplexer)
    105 ~ 1218MHz (85/105MHz Frequency Duplexer)
    258~1218MHz (204/258MHz Frequency Duplexer)
    RF Connector American F
    RF Output Impedance 75Ω
    ALC Effective Range Optical Input: -10dBm~-2dBm
    ALC Stability ± 1 dB
    RF Output Level >16dBmV@ -8dBm (FTTH version)
    >36dBmV@-8dBm (Fiber to 8 Homes version)
    RF Flatness ± 1 dB
    RF Return Loss >14 dB
    MER >46 dB @ -6dBm (Analog TV)
    >34 dB @ -9dBm (Digital TV QAM)
    CSO <-60 dBc @77ch NTSC
    CTB <-60 dBc @77ch NTSC
    Return Path Transmitter
    Return Path Laser Wavelength C
    Optical Output Power 3±1 dBm
    Return Path Laser off power <-30dBm
    Return Laser Rise/Fall Time 1μs (SCTE-174-2010)
    Return RF Bandwidth 5~42MHz/65MHz/85MHz/204MHz
    Return RF Level 12dBmV~50dBmV
    Laser Turn On RF Level 12dBmV
    Laser Turn Off RF Level -4dBmV
    Output to ONU
    Loss at 1310nm/1490nm <1dB
    Isolation (Com-Pass at 1310nm) Minimum 34dB
    Isolation (Com-Pass at 1490nm) Minimum 34dB
    Isolation (Reflect-Pass at 1310nm) Minimum 40dB
    Isolation (Com-Reflect at 1550nm) Minimum 20dB
    Output Connector SC/UPC
    Optical Return Loss Minimum 40dB
    Working Temperature -10 ~ +70℃
    Storage Temperature -40 ~ +85℃
    Power Supply 12 V 0.5A DC (16dBmV version)
    12 V 1A DC (36dBmV version)
    Power Consumption < 3.0W (16dBmV version)
    < 5.0W (36dBmV version)
    Dimension (L*W*H) 127mm×90mm×30mm (16dBmV version)
    180mm×125mm×35mm (36dBmV version)
    Weight 0.5Kg (16dBmV, not including power adapter)
    0.8Kg(36dBmV, not including power adapter)