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  • A kind of value added service for members to issue new products, promote corporate culture or record staff activities... BusyTrade provides 5 kinds of models, and you are entitled to DIY the content and background.
  • Create and edit E-Brochure
  • Share your E-Brochure
  • TopCreate and edit E-Brochure
  • To create a new E-Brochure, there are a few steps need to be followed up.
  • Step1. Go to "iBusyTrade > Premium Services > E-Brochure and click “Create New E-Brochure” button to start creating:
  • Step2. Click “add”, to add cover, catalogue and back cover respectively, and then you can also edit these pages according to your new needs.
  • Step3. Click “Add New Page” button to create pages except cover, catalogue and back cover. You are also entitled to edit information at real time if necessary.
  • TopShare your E-Brochure
  • Click “Preview E-Brochure” to check previous steps, and share the completed E-Brochure with others.