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  • TopFor Non-Members
  • User who's NOT yet a BusyTrade member can set up Product Alerts from homepage of BusyTrade.com.
  • Step 1 Enter your e-mail address;
  • Step 2 Define your alert by searching the specific keywords you want to subscribe to within product information;
  • Step 3 Select products that interest you most from keyword search results and subscribe to.
  • TopFor Members
  • BusyTrade members are entitled to set up three types of Busy Alerts from iBusyTrade Member Area. Select what type of Busy Alert you want to create:
  • Product Alerts: Go to "iBusyTrade > Premium Services > Busy Alerts>Product Alerts", and enter a keyword you want to subscribe to about. When get search results, you can decide whether or which to subscribe to.
  • News Alerts: Go to "iBusyTrade > Premium Services > Busy Alerts>News Alerts", and tick the items you want to subscribe to about. And then you also can view the news details clicking related links.
  • Tradeshow Alerts: Go to "iBusyTrade > Premium Services >Busy Alerts>Tradeshow Alerts", and chose whether to subscribe to tradeshow information.