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About BusyDollars

BusyDollars is the first system which has combined membership, rank-bidding and points-deducting service in the world. BusyDollars system is regarded as the great pioneering in global e-commerce since it develops a new e-commerce area. BusyDollars system is the members’ certificate of BusyTrade.com as well as service guarantee. Working as the only virtual currency circulating on BusyTrade.com, BusyDollars allows members to choose required service items and it finally achieves the customized, personalized and rationalized service offering. Enterprises members can perfect their registered WebPages by consuming BusyDollars in BusyTrade B2B BusyDollars system. This innovation effectively does away with the shortcoming of fuzzy payment and makes members consume as demand. This innovation aims to help enterprises save money and reflects the humanized service concept of BusyTrade.com. It is believe that BusyDollars will turn to be the e-commerce developing trends and BusyTrade.com is going to become the pioneer and representative of virtual currency.

Advantages of BusyDollars system

  • Marketing concept: Consuming according to need
    To buy members’ service at all times and places just like ordering dishes, paying for the most required service only, no limits from “Annual membership fee”, master your own promotion easily.
  • Flexible network marketing tool
    BusyDollars allow you to buy single promoting service only or, you also can choose the gold membership service packages as you required. Flexible options boost your promotion perfectly.
  • Efficient network marketing tool
    According to your company‘s marketing cycle and different products’ characteristics, adjust the internet promotion at any time for maximum low cost.
  • Accurate network marketing tool
    Weekly operating analysis of your BusyDollars will be provided. The highest clicks are for which product and from which region can be in your hands.

How to do internet promotion with BusyDollars! ( Check Instructions Here! )

  • Buy keyword, join rank-bidding

    Rank-bidding is for better internet promotion through keywords. Enterprises arrange the rank-bidding by choosing relevant keywords for their products and the ranks will be displayed according to different bidding. When buyers search the keywords of their inquiries, the top-ranking products are very easy to be found out in the first’s times. Learn more
  • Buy hot ads

    Hot ads booth is a value-added service provided for members by our BusyTrade.com. Members can obtain eye-catching display booths on the web pages through buying a keyword or a catalog with BusyDollars. The products showed on our hot ads booths are also possible to have a leading position in Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Learn more
  • Buy analysis report

    The consuming record of your BusyDollars, analysis report of network promotion, buyers, competitors, etc. can be purchased by BusyDollars. Check the clicking rate of your website and products, master network promoting data at the shortest. Learn more
  • Apply for verified suppliers

    BusyTrade.com will do the verification through the documents from the suppliers, and check license of the business corporation and review "whether the applicant is under the authority of the enterprise" etc. The “verified suppliers” good faith mark will be granted to the suppliers who pass the verification. The authoritative mark will greatly enhance the trust and attract much more attention from buyers, which help you to win more business opportunities on BusyTrade.com. Learn more

Consumption Standard

Member Services Member Types
Silver Member

FREE Silver Membership - the basic internet marketing service for China suppliers.

Gold Member

Gold Membership - the premium service with more value added services for China suppliers.

Platinum Member

Platinum Membership - the highest level of services with extensive promotion solutions both online and offline.

Information Services
Post Products 10 50 Unlimited
Post Selling Leads 10 50 Unlimited
Post Buying Leads Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Inquiry Managing Function Yes Yes Yes
Company Logo Display Yes Yes Yes
Company DIY Website Yes Yes Yes
Image Bank 10 100 200
Image Bank Yes Yes Yes
Busy Alerts Yes Yes Yes
DIY Website Services
RSS Service 1 Many (Update Regularly) Many (Update Regularly)
Industry Features Templates 1 3 6
Products/Trade Leads Cool Show 1 3 6
Company Image Display - Yes Yes
Company News Release - Yes Yes
Friendly Links Adding - 10 30
Customized Product Category - - Yes
Credit Services
Certificates & Awards Display - Yes Yes
Promotion Programs
Products/Trade Leads Top Listing - Priority Highest Priority
Company Video Show 30 secs 30 secs 60 secs
Keywords Promotion Bid/Buy Price Bid/Buy Price Bid/Buy Price
Company Independent Domain Various Price Various Price Various Price
Company E-Brochure 1000BD/Year 1000BD/Year Yes
CS & Technology Support
Specialized Customer Support - Yes Yes
Information Approval Priority - Priority Highest Priority
Traffic Analysis Report - Yes Yes
Service Price US $99 US $988/Year US $1688/Year