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Keywords biddingPromotion effect abstractive analysis by BusyDollars.

  • Before

    Enterprises’ products information can lead the rank at the beginning of the registration with given BusyDollars. But with given BusyDallors consumed away and new enterprises’ registration, products ranks start to fall and click-rate and visibility drop too, in other words, latecomers surpass previous enterprises, so no need to mention the promotion effect.

  • After

    With increasing rank, products information will have rising click-rate and visibility, and win good promotion effect. According to authoritative survey, the products information on the first three pages usually blocks 80% searching flows while those on the first page blocks even 60% flows.

Hot Ad Spot promotion effect analysis

  • Before

    If the industry completion is fierce, users still need to pay high attention to frequent changes in ranking even though has chosen the bidding service since the ranks change too fast. With the fluctuation in ranks, the promotion effect will also ride up and down.

  • After

    For each keyword, only a small amount of six golden booths can be provided, these booths always keep showing on the striking positions so the promotion effect can be stable and lasting no matter how the bidding ranking changes. Through natural ranking, the products displayed on golden booths have possibility to win a leading position on Google, Baidu and other search engines, which multiply your promotion effect.

BusyDollars comprehensive promotion analysis

  • Ratios of investment

    BusyTrade.com has been keeping tracing survey on platinum suppliers and gold suppliers’ investment and effect in promotion for ten years. With the feedback from their using flows analysis, because of the low starting point in investment, several BusyDollars can start the bidding and meanwhile, layout numbers of keywords, almost half of the BusyDollars are used in bidding ranking during keywords bidding ranking keywords bidding ranking, golden booths, certified suppliers and other ways of promotion. And since the starting point is higher, ratios of using golden booths is smaller. While for certified suppliers, members give the highest recognition to it and say it help increase the trust of target clients and improve purchase rate.

  • Benefit analysis

    After statistical analysis, among several commonly used promotion methods, as the click-rate from keywords bidding ranking is the highest, it wins the most target clients; golden booth is also very important for enterprises image and brand awareness because its outstanding position and fixed display, it helps to attract quite a lot target clients through clear pictures; certified suppliers cannot bring direct flow, but it help to win much more trust and credit and advance other ways of promotion for the enterprise. Taking all factors into consideration, when a enterprise starts its promotion, it can apply for certified supplier first, then flexibly adjusts the investment in keywords bidding, golden booths and other ways of promotion according to own marketing period and target client purchasing habits and needs.