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What Are BusyDollars?

BusyDollars system is the virtual money system which it used on BusyTrade.com platform. BusyDollars are money in the real sense since it accepted as a means of payment by BusyTrade members, converted from other forms of money, and can be spent on products and services provided by BusyTrade.com.

The introduction of BusyDollars System pushes e-business which takes services as win points to a brand-new development model and business fields, known as a worldwide innovation and initiative in e-business field. As a kind of virtual money system which is used on BusyTrade platform, BusyDollars make it convenient for members to choose services to their actual demands so as to achieve further customization of services.
How to Use BusyDollars?
BusyTrade members choose services as keyword bid promotion, advertising space, translation, video display or other services and then pay with BusyDollars. The exchange rate between USD and BusyDollars is: USD300 = 2,000 BusyDollars.

The application of BusyDollars achieves the consumption concept of “Pay on Demand” on B2B platform, with which all members are entitled to enjoy any of these premium services provided on BusyTrade platform. Through BusyDollars System, members not only get their demands as company or products promotion met, but also avoid problems as balance careless mistakes, exchange rate instability and etc., and get the initiative when purchasing services or products.
Main Use of BusyDollars
You can use BusyDollars to bid on interested keywords and win promotion spots: Image Promotion Spots and or Text Promotion Spots.

Image Promotion Spots

Image-based Promotion is based on the principles of an auction process, in which the auction winner’s product will be placed on the most striking spot of a keyword search result page with a presentation that is guaranteed to be the most eye-catching item of the page.

Text Promotion Spots

Text-based Promotion is based on a “pay-per-click” system. Instead of a picture in the image promotion, it will come on top right of a keyword search result page in text format.It does not involve any auction or bidding. The spot will be given to any valid bidder when a spot is opened, with pay-per-click price as their bidding price.