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  • Effective promotion, worthy investment!

    Company introduction: Ouyi Electrical Appliance Company Limited is a leading supplier specializing in kitchen appliances and appliances for professional use, selling more than 2.8 million products to the global markets every year. Located in Zhongshan,G.D., the hinterland of Pearl River Delta, Ouyi covers a workshop area of 200,000 square meters, fully rigged with 20 Germany adopted production lines comprising hundreds of advanced facilities. Their products are CE, ETL, EMC, CCC certified, and management is ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 9001:14000 certified.

    Success sharing: We are always focusing on the e-commerce promotion for our products and we have established our own enterprise website very early. And then we also did marketing promotion on Alibaba and other well-known domestic B2B e-commerce platform. At the very beginning, it did have some good promotion effect, but after some time, the effect began to decline. Through my observation, I found that the trade competition on those platforms is too fierce, since senior members are abundant and if I want to rank my offering information ahead of competitors and I have to pay for more money to buy a fixed position, excluding annual cost. And the more competitors buy for it, the more money I need to spend. Introduction through a friend, I learned that BusyTrade.com is a consumer-demand marketing platform; flexible promotion model is consistent with our requirements. The platform develops BusyDollars for bidding ranking, which allows me to spend less money to rank ahead of competitors and it will charge only after being clicked. The promotion effect is very obvious every time after repeated recharge, and I have already free update to a Platinum member after several recharging. I believe BusyTrade.com, it is the champion of foreign trade promotion on performance cost ratio.

    —— Ouyi Electrical Appliance Company Limited, Mr. Xu

  • Surprising effect with using of BusyDollars as your marketing tool

    Company introduction:China Hefei Tianfeng Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd is the professional manufacturer for PP woven bag/sack machinery, Leno bag machines, HDPE/LDPE bag machinery, with several branch manufacturing companies in China main land, several PP woven bag factory in home and abroad. They can supply the following machines production lines with good quality and efficiency with experienced ideas: PP/PE Tubular Woven Bag Machines PP/HDPETubular Laminated Bags (Cement Bags) Machines PP Colored and Laminated Woven Bags Machines PP Laminated Bags with Mid-Seam (Cement Bags), etc. and their products have passed the ISO9001 international quality assurance and got many patents.

    Success sharing: At the very beginning of the New Year, BusyTrade.com marketing staff sent their best wishes to Kevin Wang, the General Manager of China Hefei Tianfeng Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. Through more than ten years effect and with BusyTrade.com promotion, Tianfeng has already become the top enterprise in plastic machinery industry. Their products are popular over 20 provinces in domestic and sold to United States, Russian, South-East Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other 20 countries and areas. On the other end of the telephone, General Manager Wang set high value on BusyTrade.com: Our Company is professional in plastic machinery and we have registered on several famous e-commerce web sites, especially BusyTrade.com, we have experienced both domestic and International platform. Now, we can say, our choice is right! Through launching offering information and keywords bidding on BusyTrade.com, our company and products names are rankings forward and appear frequently on Google and Baidu. After our brand name is well known, we receive many buyers’ call from oversea and average over 100 pieces inquiry emails every month. Our company is always busting with business and especially before last Spring Festival, we got quite a lot orders and I even had no time for family union dinner on New Year’s Eva. And the most important point is that BusyTrade.com provides very good after-sale service and quick updating offering information, it saves my time and energy effectively. To be honest, I really appreciate BusyTrade.com and our Tianfeng will establish long-term and friendly cooperation with BusyTrade.com!

    —— CEO Kevin Wang, Hefei Tianfeng Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd

  • BusyDollars work for demand, marketing promotion surprises with joy.

    Company introduction:WuXi HongBeng Diesel Pump Facotry and PuTian HongBeng diesel pump co.,Ltd-----they are top factory in China in the suppyling and servicing of diesel fuel injection enterprise. Major in: BN piston ring , turbocharger , turbo, Fuel Injection Nozzle, Nozzle, Diesel Engine Parts, Auto Parts,diesel fuel injection, piston ring,injection nozzles, diesel parts, diesel nozzles.diesel engine parts, pencil nozzle, nozzle holder, ve pump parts, Having 20 years history, occupy area about 110 thousand square meter , construction and about 58 thousand square meter, totally 2000 workers, including 386 engineer.

    Success sharing: At present, most pay websites are charged in annual cost, but it is just convenient for the websites to do their users management, not good for our clients who focus on season sales only. Our company’s products are seasonal so we use the marketing promotion only in sales season. However, quite many e-commerce websites charge annual cost and it makes us feel that we have to undertake extra unnecessary fees. I have expected long ago for a charging system like recharging, which means deduct the part that you consumed only. Now we win good benefits, thanks to BusyTrade.com, it made my dream come true. It is BusyDollars, the innovative recharging system allows us to consume according to our demand and we can save some BusyDollars in slow business season and adjust them to do promotion like keywords bidding or bidding for advertisement in sales season for the best effect and highest value in our promotion. What is worth mentioning, I once tried to search products’ keywords on Google, but to my surprise, I saw our products information on the first page and it’s just launched on BusyTrade.com. After communicating with BusyTrade staff, I realized that it is BusyTrade staff helps me to do the keywords optimization then my products information ranks ahead. Even though I have not cost a penny, I enjoy a high value service. Not only the brand recognition is enhanced, but also the products get more selling methods. So, I want to express my thanks from the bottom of my heart for the promotion surprise BusyTrade.com bring to me…

    —— HongBeng Diesel Pump Co.,Ltd, Foreign trade Manger Mr. Weng