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Certified Suppliers

A Certified TRUST Logo will bring you more customers. Join Now !

What is a certified supplier?

"Certified Suppliers",Applicants must be certified by third party certification company to check the authenticity of the application company. Once the applicant had passed our checking process, BusyTrade will grant these members distinguished certified supplier icon.

Who can apply All BusyTrade Members
Period of validity One year from the day we grant you our distinguished certified supplier icon. (To make sure the authenticity of the information, annual survey system is introduced.)
Price 3000 BusyDollars/per year
Apply now

What are the advantages of being certified suppliers?

  • A Certified Logo will be issued and you will get more customers by join our certified suppliers club!
  • According to our data, 80% of our certified suppliers gained on average 100-400% increase in click rates, and the success deal rate is as high as 85% while the dispute rate is only 1‱.

Application Procedures

Certification materials needed

  • Registration information in Industrial and Commercial Bureau: company name, registration number, registration address, corporate representative, field of business, business type, registered capital, founded date, operation period, registered authority, latest annual survey date.
  • Contact information: contact person, gender, department, job title.

Apply as a certified supplier

Submit all necessary documents to BusyTrade

Application received by Certification company


BusyTrade will grant you the distinguished certified supplier icon

Resubmitting application is required after one year. If you fail to pass our certification, certified supplier icon will be removed.


If BusyTrade rejects the application, there is NO Charge to the applicant