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BusyDollars Refill Center

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  • What’s the difference between BusyDollars promotion and other B2B platform promotion?

    BusyDollars is a very flexible marketing tool. Users can buy and use the BusyDollars to purchase member service according to demand. Or users can buy the BusyDollars only in sales season to enhance the promotion. In other B2B platforms, we must pay the annual membership fee first, and then we have to pay for other ranking service. This double charge is not a small expenditure for SEMs and it does not obtain all members service. By contrast, BusyDollars are the best tools for SMEs to do marketing promotion.
  • What’s the difference between gold member and free member?

    As long as recharging 10000 BusyDollars at one time, you can receive a full set free gold membership service. Gold members can focus their BusyDollars on most required bidding and advertisement service. In the same auction, gold members rank ahead of free members.
  • Whether my BusyDollars would be malicious clicked and consumed away?

    Bidding ranking service has special technology to prevent malicious clicks. The same IP address (usually a enterprise has an IP address only no matter how many computers there are), repeated clicks on one product information, it is count to be one valid click only.
  • How to buy BusyDollars if no internet banking?

    For clients without internet banking or cannot use internet bank, wire transfer is also accepted. You can transfer the payment directly to BusyTrade.com account, please click this link for wire transfer information: http://china.busytrade.com/service/payment.php. Please keep well reserved your bank document after payment and fax it to our company. Our contact staff will recharge the BusyDollars to your account within one business day after receiving your payment.
  • Whether our offering information will be canceled when BusyDollars finished?

    Offering information is permanent valid only if they are approved and launched. But your ranks will fall gradually as trade offering and bidding offering increased, then the promotion effect will come down little by little. So please pay close attention to your BusyDollars consumed information and do the recharging in time to keep your good and stable promotion.