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Cocoon Facial Cleanser Ball

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Item specifics

Product name: Cocoon Facial Cleanser Ball

Product Description

Leaving the cocoon to soak for a short time in 40℃ warm water, the natural sericin of the cocoon surface will be separated out, which can effectively eliminate aging skin horny, deeply clean the little leftover in the pore, and promote the skin’s metabolism, so as to prepare for the next step of skin care, and help skin to absorb the other skin care products.
The natural grain of cocoon has a mild delicate texture, and that is can not irritate the skin. It also can help you to completely clean the facial cosmetics after discharging makeup, which makes the skin clean and refresh.
●the security and environmental protection of product
1. The silkworm is too delicate to resist drug, during the growing-up period, it have not been exposed to any harmful chemicals or pesticides; otherwise, and the silkworm will come to an untimely end. Please don’t worry about any pesticide residue when using the cocoon ball.
2. The silk fibroin has a good bacteriostatic effect, which is hard to cause the bacterial allergy.
3. The product adopts the high quality mulberry cocoon, which is produced in good cleaning and health condition. Every cocoon is strictly tested by separating, selecting, and sterilizing in processing procedure.
●method of application
1. Please rinse some cocoons in the water that fit your needs.
2. Then dampen the cocoons in 40℃ warm water for 3-4 minutes until softened.
3. Fit the softened cocoons onto your fingertip, and massage face gently.
4. Suggest using 2-3 times per week for better efficacy.
5. Suggest using every cocoon for one-time, for multiple-use may reduces the ingredient of sericin. If multiple-use, please wash it after using, and then put in dry and cool conditions to let it dry.
●matters need attention
1. When soaking the natural cocoon in warm water, it may smell special odor.
2. There maybe a little brown remain inside the cocoon, which is the silkworm ecdysis, is normal and does not affect its application.
3. Please well-sealed and put in dry and cool conditions.
●the summary of cocoon
One cocoon produces of a natural continuous silk longer than one kilometer which is closely glued by the natural sericin.
The silk is a macromolecule protein consisted of 18 kinds of amino acids; each piece of silk is composed by double pieces of single filament glued parallel within. The silk filament is made essentially of two elements - fibroin and sericin, the former covered by the latter. The sericin is a liquid protein which has an adhesive effect and the better water soluble property.
The silk’s amino acids are similar to human skin’s ingredient, called the human second skin. That is why the silk has the excellent effect to skin-nurturing.
The sericin contains 30% serine that has the strongest moisture-keeping function. The serine after passing through the skin cuticle is linked with the skin epithelial cell, so as to give the skin gloss, softness and elasticity. The active ingredient of sericin has supernatural preservative ability to mitigate the spots, wrinkles and aged skin. It also can form a protective membrane on skin surface to prevent the sunburn.

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