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Item specifics

Product name: bearing
Product Origin: China [CN]

Product Description

Regarding the bearings we supply and please refer followings as a brief catalog:

1. Deep Groove Ball Bearings:
Miniature ball bearings: 604-609,624-629;
6000 series: 6000-6026, ZZ, 2RS, open type etc.
6200 series: 6200-6220, ZZ, 2RS, open type etc.
6300 series: 6300-6318, ZZ, 2RS, open type etc.
16000 series: 16003-16016, ZZ, 2RS, open type etc.
For Motorcycle use: 60/20, 60/28, 60/32, 62/22, 62/28, 62/32, 63/22, 63/28, 63/32.
6800 series: 6800-6813, ZZ, 2RS,open type etc.
6900 series: 6900-6910, ZZ, 2RS,opentype etc.

2.Tapered Roller Bearings:
30203-30228; 30303-30320;
32004-32021; 32204-32226,
32304-32320; 31303-31311;
32004X-32021X; 33005-33024;
33206-33220; 33108-33120;

Various Inch Size Tapered Roller Bearings(Note: We just give part of our products of inch size tapered roller bearings. We will give our best quotation upon receipt of your specific enquiry including those are not showed in the following list):

344A/332, LM11749/10, LM300849/11, 358/354, LM11949/10, LM501349/10, 368/362, 12580/20, M603049/11, 390A/394A, M12649/10 HM803149/10, 418/414, LM12749/10, M802048/11, 462/453X, LM12749/11, 25580/20, 462/454, LM29749/10, 15123/245, 527/522, L44643/10 15126/245, 567/563, L44649/10, 17887/31, 580/572, L45449/10, 24780/20, 683/672,LM503049/10,LM501349/10, LM48548/10,25572/20,780/772,LM48548/11A,28584/21, 1988/22, LM67048/10, 28985/20, 2559/23, L68149/10, 585/23, JL69349/10, 2788/20, HM81649/10, 2790/20, M86649/10, 3386/20, M88048/10, 3982/20, LM102949/10, 3984/20, LM104949/12 etc..

3. Spherical Roller Bearings:
22205--22240; 22308--22340;
23022--23068; 23120--23156;
23220--23240; 24020--24056;
24120--24156; 21306--21316;

Thrust Spherical Roller Bearings:
29240--29296; 29317--29368;
29380--29396; 29412--29496;
Note: For the above spherical roller bearings, we also supply CAW33, K, MW33 etc. type bearings.

4.Pillow Block Ball Bearings:
Pillow Blocks: UCP200 series; UCF200 series; UCFL200 series; UCT200 series; UCFC200 series; UKP200 series; UKF200 series; UKFL200series; UCP 300 series; UCPA 200 series; UCFS 300 series; UCFL 300 series; UCT 300 series; HCAK 200 series; UCHA 200 series; UCFB 200 series; UCFA 200 series; UC 200 series; UC 300 series; HC 200 series; SA 200 series; SB 200 series; SC 200 series; UK200+H series, UK300+H seriesUCP203-218; UCF204-218; UCFL204-218; UCT204-215; UCPA203-215; etc.
Note: 1). UC bearings in both metric and inch size are the same price. 2). UCF, UCFL, at the same prices as UCP. 3). UCT, UCFS prices are higher than that of UCP.

P200 series; F200 series; FL200 series; T200 series; FC200 series; ST200 series; PP200series; PF200series; PFL200 series; PA200 series; PG200 series; P300 series; F300 series; FL300series; SN200 series; SN300 series; SN500 series; SN600 series; SNU500 series; SNU600 series; SD3100 series; SD3000 series; SD500 series; SD600 series; S300 series; SAF500 series; 722500 series; 1500 series; 1600 series; ZY2500 series; ZY2600 series; GZ2-72-260 H200 series; H300 series; H2300 series; H3100 series.

5. Wheel Bearings(Part of them as follows):
DAC2858, DAC3870, DAC4282, DAC0868, 54TDA3501, BAHB311396B, 566719B, DAC3874, DAC3968, DAC3562W-5, DAC3668, DAC3970-2RS, DAC3972-2RS, DAC4074-2RS, DAC4208237-2RS, DAC35680037, DAC39720037, DAC25520037, DAC35660037, DAC39750037, DAC30600337, DAC35720433, DAC40720037, DAC34620037, DAC38700038, DAC407537, DAC34640037, DAC38740236/33, DAC42760040/37, DAC35650035, DAC39680037, DAC3064, DAC38BVV07-26G.

6. Angular Contact Ball Bearings ( including double row deep groove ball bearings):
*Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings:
5200--5216 series, 5200 ZZ/2RS--5216 ZZ/2RS series,
5300--5314 series, 5300 ZZ/2RS--5314 ZZ/2RS series;
4200A--4216A series, 4301--4313A series;
LR 5--KDD, 3057---, 3067---, LR5---.KDDU, LR5---NPPU, 3058--,3068--etc.

Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings:
7000C/AC-7015C/AC; 7200C/AC-7215C/AC;
7300C/AC/B-7312C/AC/B; 7200B-7215B;7300B-7312B;
Note: For cages in Bakelite and Nylon, the prices will be different. Usually, the price of Bakelite cage is 10% higher than Nylon cage

Note: We also supply the 3200 & 3300 series bearings in 2RS type.

7. Thrust Ball Bearings:
51100-51136; 51200-51236;
51304-51328; 51405-51413;

8.Self-Aligning Ball Bearings:
1200-1224; 1203K-1224K;
1301-1322; 1301K-1322K;
2201-2222; 2204K-2222K;

9. GE Series:

GE06E-GE10E; GE10 ES to GE170 ES, including 2rs types;

10. Automotive Bearings:
**Clutch Release Bearings;
**Water Pump Bearings ( WIB series, WIR series);
**Belt Tension bearings etc.

11. Cylindrical Roller Bearings:
NJ/NU 202--NJ/NU 219, NJ/NU 303--NJ/NU 320 ( including E series);
NUP 202--NUP 219, NUP 303--NUP320 ( including E series);
NJ/NU 2204--NJ/NU 2222, NJ/NU 2304--NJ/NU 2322,
NUP2204--NUP2222, NUP2304--NUP2322
NU1005--NU1015, NUP305--NUP313
The above bearings available with C3 clearance.

12. Needle Roller Bearings:
1.)Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings:
HK series, BK series, HK -RS series, HK -2RS series, MF series, F series, FY series, FH series;
2.)Needle Roller Bearings:
NK series, NKS series, RNA49 series, RNA69 series, RNA48 series, NKI series, NKIS series, NA49 series, NA69 series, NA48 series, RNA49 -RS series, RNS49 -2RS series, NA49 -RS series, NA49 -2RS series; NAO series, RNAO series, RNAV series, NAV series;
3.)Radial Needle Roller and Cage Assemblies:
K series, K -ZW series, KZK series, KBK series;
4.)Axial Needle Roller Bearings:
K811 series, K812 series, TC series, TRA series, TRB series, TRD series, AXK series, LS series, Trust Washes ( AS series, WS series, GS series );
5.)Combined Radial-Thrust Bearings:
NKIA series, ZARN series, ZARF series;
6.)Yoke Type Track Rollers, Stud Type Track Rollers:
NATR series, NUTV series, NATR-PP series, NATV?-PP series, NUTR series, CRY series, KR series, KRV series, KRE series, KRVE series, NUKR series, CR series;
7.)Drawn Cup Roller Clutches, Drawn Cup Roller Clutches and Bearings Assemblies:
HF series, HF -KF series, HF -R series, HF KFR series, HFL series, HFL -KF series, HFL -R series, HFL -KFR series;
8.)Drawn Cup Linear Ball Bearings:
KH series, KH -PP series;
9.)Needle Roller: NR series/ Inner ring: IR series.

13. Water Pump Bearings:
WB, WR series and other nonstandard series can be produced according to the drawings and samples.

14. Large load single row ball bearings with ball slot:
BL206 Z/ZZ NR-BL214 Z/ZZ NR; BL306 Z/ZZ NR -BL312 Z/ZZ NR;
Full ball single row ball bearings with ball slot series:
970205-970213; 970305—970313

15. Big size of Mill Bearings & Railway bearings.

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