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Skid-mounted Drilling Rig

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Item specifics

Product name: Skid-mounted Drilling Rig
Product Origin: China

Product Description

Skid-mounted drilling rig Model:U.S Met ZJ40/2250L ZJ40/2250LD ZJ40/2250DZ ZJ40/2250DB ZJ40/2250DBF Nominal drilling depth: 4-1/2″DP ft m 5″DP ft m 8200~13200 2500~4000 6600~10500 2000~3200 Max.hook load: KIPS KN 496 2250 Max. drill pipe load: KIPS KN 265 1200 Drawworks max.input power: hp Kw 1000 735 1000/2100 735/1600 1000/1340 735/1000 Drawwork shifts 4forward+2reverse 4 4/stepless stepless Main brake model Disc brake /Band brake Auxiliary brake model Eddy current brake/E.T.N brake Energy consumption brake/eddy current brake/E.T. N brake Wireline diameter : in mm 1-1/4 32 Crown sheaves number and traveling sheaves number 5×6 Hoisting system stringing method Stringing in order/crossed stringing Traveling sheave diameter: in mm 44 1120 Open diameter of rotary table: in mm 27-1/2 698.5 Rotary table drive type Combination drive Detachment drive Combination drive Detachment drive Mast type “∏” Clear height derrick: ft m 142 43 Substructure height: ft m 16.4,19.7,24.6 5,6,7.5 Clear height of substructure: ft m 12.4,15.6,20.5 3.76,4.76,6.26 Power of single mud pump: hp KW 1300 956 Mud pump sets 2 Type of driving Integrated chain box AC-SCR-DC AC-DC-AC(VFD) AC-DC-AC(VFD) /engine pump sets Power of main diesel: hp KW 1100 810 1632 1200 1360 1000 Diesel sets 3 4 Total volume of mud tank: BBL m3 1710 260

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