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Laptop Stand

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Product name: Laptop Stand
Product Origin: China [CN]

Product Description

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of laptop accessories and office appliance products. Our main Products were included six department :Information & Presentation,Media Storage,Workspace Enhancement,Ergonomic Solution,Computer Supplies,Office Supplies Such as,CD bag, Digital camera bag, Ergonomics mouse handing hold, Laptop stand, laptop lock, Wi-Fi Finder ect. LAPTOP STAND ITEM NO.:ID-U1 Laptop Desktop Stands .Turn Your Laptop into a Desktop IDesk turns your portable computer into a powerful desk computer without large & expensive monitor and dock. Ergonomics design makes you feel more comfortable with your portable computer, enjoy the ease of full-sized keyboard & mouse, avoid visual fatigue and various occupational diseases in neck, shoulder etc, that are caused by long-time downward looking at the portable computer, and bring you back to a healthier working environment.? The portable computer holder, which can save your space and money, can turn your portable computer into a beautiful & fashionable desktop computer in three seconds and instantly change your feelings. Integrated USB Docking or USB HUB (Optional) can connect PnP peripherals in one time, such as printer, scanner, mouse, keyboard etc, which make you no longer feel bored with few USB ports in the computer and make you feel very easy & convenient; Connection dock for Ethernet RJ45, audio card Mic In, speaker etc is built in. From now on, your can feel as easy as the original extended docks in connecting peripherals and you can always keep your desk top clean. This product can protect your portable computer, greatly reduce the chances of water intake and wearing of the keyboard and saves the high maintenance cost. This product is almost suitable for all portable computers. Keyfeature: 1:6 levels of Adjustable Inclination Angel 2:An integrated USB Hub with 4 to 7 ports 3:Stretchable File Clipper, which makes reading easy. 4:Fully improves sitting posture and provides more comfortable operation 5:Saves desk top space, improves air flows and makes heat emission better * With the science development, a new generation of inseparable office partner----portable computer, was invented. Though it brings a new revolution in modern offices, it also constitutes potential threats on human health.Alan Hersch, director of ergonomics Lab from US Cornell University recently pointed out that the portable computer has some defects in ergonomics. Long-time use may damage our health. The monitor is too close to the keyboard. Looking down at the monitor with stiffing neck may damage muscles in our neck; If we raise the computer to a height, which is suitable for the eyes, it may damage muscles in our shoulders and arms. Generally arthrosis in the cervical vertebra will gradually appear in three years.The purpose of ergonomics is to reduce or remove the damage on human body from physical stress. The experts advise that products designed with ergonomics will greatly lower healthy risks.

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