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Led Gas Price Sign

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Item specifics

Product name: Led Gas Price Sign
Product Origin: China
Delivery Mode: by sea/air
Supply Ability: 10000pcs/month

Product Description

1 size of led gas signs: 8'' 10'' 12'' 16'' and etc . We can design it based on clients' requirement.
"2 Digital Numberthe largest number of each display
can show is 8.888 / 8.8888/ 8.889 /8.88 9/10"
3 Life span: 100,000 hours
4 Communication: wireless remote control
5 Working Temperature: -10~80
6 Working Humidity: 10~80%RH
7 Power Input: 100-240VAC , 60Hz/50Hz 
8 Brightness: 5000 cd/m2 
9 Visibility>500m
10 Wireless Communication Distance>100m-200m
"11 Display Color: Monochrome: Red, Amber, Green,
Blue,or White etc. "
12 Housing Material: Iron cabinets
13 Waterproof rate: IP 65
Petrol stations for Speedway
Gas station along the road
Petrol stations for National Highway
The Pricing Display system is designed for the long distance display and controlled in the gas stations. It adopted the LED with super brightness , wireless data sender and remote controller.brightness can be adjust by a lighter sensor.
The user can control the LED with the remote controller:
1 Update the pricing of the display showing
2 Adapt the Display intensity to save the electric energy.
3 Record the price of the gas.
Model Number Model Number  Number format Max Size Character  Net weight Voltage Net weight Remarks
10'' GLG-10inch8.888-Red/Amber/Green 8.888 25.4mm H315mm W715mm 23w 7kg outdoor use(total waterproofed)
GLG-10inch8.88-9-Red/Amber/Green  8.88-9 25.4mm H315mm W715mm 21W 7kg outdoor use(total waterproofed)
GLG-10inch8.88 9/10-Red/Amber/Green 8.88 9/10 25.4mm H315mm W715mm       D51mm 22w 7kg outdoor use(total waterproofed)
12'' GLG-12inch8.888-Red/Amber/Green 8.88 9/10 30.48mm H320mm W950mm 34W 12kg outdoor use(total waterproofed)
GLG-12inch8.889-Red/Amber/Green  8.88 9/10 30.48mm H320mm W950mm 29w 12kg outdoor use(total waterproofed)
GLG-12inch8.88 9/10-Red/Amber/Green 8.88 9/10 30.48mm H320mm W950mm 30w 12kg outdoor use (total waterproofed)
16'' GLG-16inch8.888-Red/Amber/Green 8.88 9/10 40.64mm H450mm W1200mm 54W 16kg outdoor use(total waterproofed)
GLG-16inch8.889-Red/Amber/Green  8.88 9/10 40.64mm H450mm W1200mm 48W 16kg outdoor use(total waterproofed)
GLG-16inch8.88 9/10-Red/Amber/Green 8.88 9/10 40.64mm H450mm W1200mm     D51mm  50W 16kg outdoor use(total waterproofed)
Control system Control box (including the power supply and Control system) H450mm W450mm 100W 5KG outdoor use(total waterproofed)

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