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Water Cooled Industrial Chiller

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Item specifics

Product name: Water Cooled Industrial Chiller
Currency Type: USD
Unit Price: 1000
Quantity: 0
Product Origin: dongguan
Delivery Mode: 15 days after payment
Supply Ability: 200/month

Product Description

1. The Plastics Industry - Cooling the hot plastic that is injected, blown, extruded or stamped. (There are other types.)
2. The Printing Industry - Cooling warm rollers due to friction and ovens curing the ink, along with ultraviolet lamps also for curing purposes.
3. The Medical Industry - MRI systems - The hospital MRI units need to be cooled to operate properly.
4. The HVAC industry - Large scale air-conditioning systems pump this chilled water to coils in specific areas of, lets say, a high rise building. The air handling systems for each area open and close the water flow through it specific area keeping the air of the rooms at a desired temperature.
5. The Laser Cutting Industry - Technology has created machines that can cut out very specific steel products with the precise use of a laser cutting machine. These lasers run at very high temperatures and must be cooled to run properly

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