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E-bike Battery (ky-2410-a)

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Item specifics

Product name: E-bike Battery (ky-2410-a)
Currency Type: USD
Unit Price: 20
Quantity: 0
Product Origin: China
Delivery Mode: UPS, DHL
Supply Ability: 5000pcs per day

Product Description

1. General: Battery with safety circuit and plastic grid
Cell: KY-2410-A
Dimension: 142*150*304mm (Width*Length*Height)
Weight: Approx. 2.8Kg

2. Electrical Specification:
Nominal Voltage: 24V
Rated Capacity: 10, 000 mAh min, 10, 000 mAh typical
Watt-hour rating: 240Wh
Charging Method: Constant Current + Constant Voltage
Max. Charge Voltage [V]: 29.4 (+/- 50mV)
Max. Continuous Charge Current: 10, 000 mA
Rec. Charge cut off: By current 8mA or timer 6.0h
Max. Continuous Discharge Current: 20, 000 mA
Rec. Discharge cut off: 21.0V
Exp. Cycle Life: 300 cycles above 70% of initial cap. (1C @ 20 degree centigrade)
Cell protection Overcharge Detection: 12.65+/-0.025V (0.5 to 1.5 sec. Delay, resume 4.15+/-0.05V or @discharging current)
Overdischarge Detection: 2.30+/-0.05V (0.1 to 0.2 sec. Delay, resume 2.90+/-0.1V)
Overcurrent Detection: 1.35A to 1.5A (5 to 30msec. Delay @discharge)

3. Ambient Conditions
Temperature Range - Charge: 0 to +45 degree centigrade
- Discharge: -10 to +60 degree centigrade
- Charge Retention/Storage [%]: 1 year at -20 to +25 degree centigrade 3 month at -20 to +40 degree centigrade
Humidity: 65+/- 20% RH

4. Environmental and Safety
The cell is approved according UL 1642. This battery meets the requirements of Battery Directives and the battery parts are RoHS-Compliant.

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