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Item specifics

Product name: HL-PW1201
Currency Type:
Unit Price: 15.2
Quantity: 1
Product Origin: China [CN]

Product Description

HL-PW801                                              HL-PW1001                                           HL-PW1201              
8”Woofer                                               10”Woofer                                            12”Woofer               
Cloth Edge Non-press Paper Cone  Cloth Edge Non-press Paper Cone  Cloth Edge Non-press Paper Cone  
Impedance:4/8 OHM                              Impedance:4/8 OHM                            Impedance:4/8 OHM
Max power:400W                                   Max power:500W                                   Max power:600W
Voice Coil:2”                                         Voice Coil:2”                                        Voice Coil:2.5"
Sensitivity:92 dB/W/M                           Sensitivity:93 dB/W/M                             Sensitivity:94 dB/W/M
Magnet:40 Oz                                         Magnet:40 Oz                                           Magnet:50 Oz
Cloth Edge Non-press Paper Cone  
Impedance:4/8 OHM
Max power:800W
Voice Coil:3”
Sensitivity:96 dB/W/M 
Magnet:76 Oz

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