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Oil Casing

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Product name: Oil Casing
Product Origin: China

Product Description

Oil production casing, outer diameter of 114.3 mm often to 508 mm, and is a kind of large diameter pipe material, mainly used for drilling process and completion of the support of the wall after, in order to ensure that the drilling process and completion the oil well after the normal operation of the oil well is to maintain the lifeline of operation. Oil is the well casing hole, with the cement fixed, in order to prevent the borehole separated from the rock formations and borehole collapsed, and ensure the drilling mud recycling flow, in order to drilling mining. Due to the different geological conditions, the down hole stress state complex, pull, pressure, and bending and twisting stress in the role of the comprehensive function tube body, and this oil casing itself to set the high quality requirements. In corrosive environment also requires casing itself has corrosion resistance. In the complex geological conditions of the place still demand has the crowded destroy casing performance. Once the casing itself for some reason to damage, may cause the whole Wells cut production, or destroyed.

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