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F2F Decoder ASIC

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Item specifics

Product name: F2F Decoder ASIC
Product Origin: China [CN]

Product Description

Technique & Certifications
Multi-track F2F-Decoder is CMOS integrated circuit device which is providing high
functional F2F decoding for magnetic card reader.

Composed of circuit with the smallest, saving electricity, low voltage of all order type
Divided into stand-by mode and operating mode for saving electricity. It's possible to
operate with low battery(1mA) in case of stand-by mode.
To improve the division capacity for bit, swipe speed of cardreader can be possible by
5mm/sec exactly.
Stable operation which is not influenced by environment(-35∩…+75∩) and varied place
for voltage (DC3V…5.5V).

Electrical characteristics(non operating)
- supply voltage : 7.0
- voltage input range : 0 to VDD
- input current : 25mA
- output current : 10mA
- storage temperature : -55∩…+150∩
- lead temperature : 260∩/10sec
recommended operating conditions
Parameter Condition Min. Max. Unit
DC Supply Voltage 3.0 5.5 Volt
Operation single track 2.0 mA
dual track 2.5 mA
Stand-by single track 1.5 mA
Logic Low Out (VOL) dual track 0.4 Volt
Logic High Out (VOH) at 8.0mA 3.5 Volt
Oscillator frequancy at 8.0mA 1.0 4.0 MHz
Operating temperature - 35 + 75 ∩

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