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D-alpha-tocopheryl Acetate Oil

D-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate Oil, Wholesale D-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate Oil Product DetailsRecommend »

Item specifics

Product name: D-alpha-tocopheryl Acetate Oil

Product Description

CAS No.:  58-95-7

3.SDescription                       A clear, slightly greenish-yellow, Viscous, oily liquid       


A: Color reaction with HNO3                        Positive       

B: Main peak in GC                        The retention time of the principal peak in the test         

                                                      solution conforms to which in the reference solution       

Specific rotation [α]20℃                             ≥+24°       

Refractive index                                         1.494~1.499       

Absorbance                  The specific absorbance at the maximum at 284nm is 41.0 to 45.0       

Acid value                                                   ≤0.5ml        

Heavy metals                                             ≤10ppm    

Arsenic                                                        ≤3ppm       

Assay                                                    96.0%~102.0%

Microbial test

Total plate count                                        ≤1000cfu/g

Moulds and yeasts                                     ≤100cfu/g

E.coli                                                           <90MPN/100g. Salmonella                                                          N.A. Staphylococcus                                                   N.A.

4.Storage:The  product  may  be  stored  for  36  months  from  the  date  of   

manufacture  in  the  unopened original container.     

5.Packaging: 50kg/iron drum or 200kg/iron drum.

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