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Far Infrared Fir Magnetic Acupuncture Neck Massager Pillow

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Item specifics

Product name: Far Infrared Fir Magnetic Acupuncture Neck Massager Pillow
Product Origin: China [CN]

Product Description

Far infrared fir magnetic electric acupuncture neck massager pillow for cervical spondylosis disease

- available in many colors.
- 9 different massage ryhthm
- 9 grade of massage intensity

Innovative 3 in 1 electrode combining electric, magnetic and far infrared ray therapy. The pillow has remarkable soothing effect and adjusting function on tissues around cervical vertebra and shoulder.
By eradiating 5~15 micron electromagnetic wave, it can improve the micro circulation at certain part of the body, increase blood flux and promote metabolism.

With a comfortable shape designed exactly according to the body mechanics, it has comfortable tracting effect for neck tissue.

Can be used conveniently at home, in car, on business or out for traveling.

Easy to operate, combining the self test sensor of human skin with micro computer control system&lcd display

Safe and economical, powered by approved AC/DC adaptor DC 5v,1200ma and rechargeable nickel-hydrogen batteries 4x 1.2v,1300ma


A patented product with safety approval.

Remarkable lenitive effect on cervical vertebra and shoulder ache. Traction effect for neck tissue. Improving the speed and soundness of sleep. Comprehensively adjusting the enginery of tissue around the neck and shoulder. Eliminating fatigue, improving blood circulation.

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