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Item specifics

Product name: Sunnor-vertical-co2-002
Product Origin: Beijing
Delivery Mode: UPS, air cargo
Supply Ability: 100 sets/month

Product Description

Applied range: 1.General Surgery: haemangioma, adipoma, steatoma, rectal cancer 2.Oral Surgery: epulis, buccal haemangioma, mucous cyst, lichen planum 3.Otolaryngology: auricle vegetation, nose tumour and tumor of paranasal sinus, benign tumour of 4.oropharynx, gular haemangioma, vocal polyp, laryngo-carcinoma, chronic pharyngitis, chronic rhinitis, chronic laryngitis 5.Urology: meatus urinary condyloma, redundant prepuce, caruncle of urethra, polyp of penis 6.Gynecology: myoma of uterus, cervical erosion, cervical polyp, vagina condyloma 7.Dermatology: wart, common wart, venereal wart, herpes labial, herpes zoster, nevus pigment..... Specifications: Laser wavelength: 10.6 um Out power: ≥ 30 W Output manner: continuous, repeated pulse Pulse length: 0.05 1 second 7 joimted arms to conduct light Indicator light: 635nm of diode laser Focusing diameter: ≤ 0.5 mm Voltage: 220V/110V, 50Hz/ 60 Hz

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