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Supply Container Desiccant

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Item specifics

Product name: Supply Container Desiccant
Currency Type: USD
Unit Price: 64.4
Quantity: 0
Product Origin: China
Delivery Mode: Sea shipping
Supply Ability: 16000 cartons per month

Product Description

Whenever goods are moved from a hot climate to a cooler climate, condensation will occur because warm air holds more water than cold air. When the temperature inside the container/box is lowered the air will reach the dew point and the water will condense. This is when fungus, mould and mildew occurs, damaging the goods. Worse yet, if the water condenses on the surface of metal products corrosion occurs. Top-Container Desiccant is the new generation of transport protection for the reduction of dew point and control of condensation. It'll help you conquer humidity problems in containers shipped by sea. Top-Container desiccant is able to absorb up to 220% of its own weight in moisture. Controls container and cargo sweat, hence your precious cargo is safe from air condensation. 1).Top-Container Desiccant is able to absorb up to 220% of its own weight in moisture. 2).Top-Container Desiccant completely retain absorbed moisture and converts it into gel, therefore avoiding leakages. 3).The desiccants are designed in a hanger way to allow you to hang it in the container. 4).Non-toxic Top-Container Desiccant is designed to suit various industries. We guarantee that our products are: 1).Absorbs more than 200% of its own weight for 60 - 90 Days! 2).Cost effective 3).Compact & Space saving 4)Easy and Safe to handle 5).Completely Leak-proof 6)Environmentally friendly 7).Easily disposed of after use Topdry container desiccant has long been an unsung hero of the global transport industry,as it has prevented countless insurance claims by protecting shipments from condensation damage. Applications With rich experience and professional technology and innovation,TOPDRY Desiccant is used in the protection of a wide range of cargoes including food and agricultural products, furniture, integrated circuit, precision electronics, leather products, instrument, textiles, books, containers, auto parts and other products. It can effectively avoid moisture damage your Valuable cargo whenever and wherever. Coordination Disposal of the used desiccant at discharge will be according to the local laws governing disposal of calcium chloride based desiccant products. For further information contact, Lyson Lee, Sales & Marketing Division, Lindia Chemicals,

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