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Battery Pad Heater

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Item specifics

Product name: Battery Pad Heater

Product Description

Product Features:
Made of silicone covered for resistance to acid and oil and low (-60C) and high (250C) temperature.
Thermostat controlled to prevent overheating the battery, and to maintain it at the optimum temperature (Optional)
Flexible,portable,reliable and Pliable for easy installation, no mechanical ability required
Fits most car and truck batteries
Wide range of sizes in both 120 volt and 240 volt (optional)
Extends the life of the battery

Product Specifications:
Brand: Honeywon
Product Name: Battery Heaters
Size: 300mm X 145mm X 1.5mm or to be customized
Voltage: 28v or to be customized
Wattage: 50w or to be customized

Technical Parameters:
1 )Maximum temperature resistance of insulator:300C
2 )Maximum operation temperature: 250C
3 )Insulation Resistance:≥500 MΩ/DC 1000V
4 )Breakdown Voltage:≥ AC1500v/5S
5 )Capacity Tolerance:±5%
6 )Temperature range:-60C~250C for continuous heated,Heating element:both etched foil and wire-wound element available.
7 ) Dimension:Maximum 1.2m x Xm, Minimum:1.5mm x 1.5mm, standard thickness:1.5mm (thinnest:0.8mm,thickest:4.5mm),
Lead wire length:standard 130mm.

Product Description
A battery can lose 60% of its starting power when the temperature reaches 0-degrees F. Cold engines require more power
from the battery at these temperatures. These two factors make it imperative that you use a battery pad heater to extend
the life of your battery, and assist in your cold weather starting requirements. Fully charged batteries have a significant
drop in power at colder temperatures. The battery wrap allows you to have full cranking power regardless of the cold.
The battery heater should not be used when the temperature is above freezing.

Installation Instructions:
1. Loosen or remove battery,hold down bolts
2. Wash off sides of battery-wipe dry
3. Wrap blanket around battery, pull tight at corners, and tie with tapes provided
4. Tighten battery hold-downs
5. Run cord to front grille, taping where necessary.

Keep printed side out.Do not overlap and energize only when applied to battery.
Do not operate when outside air temperature is above freezing (32F/0C).

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