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Ames Hardness Tester for Rockwell Testing

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Product name: Ames Hardness Tester for Rockwell Testing

Product Description

The Ames Hardness Tester for Rockwell testing has been giving repeatable accurate measurements in large and small plants around the world for over 50 years. The light weight and portability of the Ames hardness tester saves time and money by providing Rockwell test results quickly, anywhere.
Ames Portable Hardness Testers are built following ASTM E-110 Guidelines for making hardness testing measurements directly in the Rockwell scale, with no chart, conversion or calculation required. Penetrations are of correct width and depth.
Unlike many units described as a portable or hand held hardness tester, the Ames Hardness Tester can take fully-accurate readings on the inside surfaces of objects simply by switching the positions of the anvil and penetrator.
Ames Hardness Testers
Ames tester model numbers tell you the maximum opening (dimension A), and throat depth (dimension B). The letters tell you the type of tester or specific application. "S" indicates a Superficial tester. "ST" indicates a Superficial tester for Tubing.

Model Opening(A) Depth(B)
1 1" 1"
1-S 1" 1"
1-4 1" 4"
1-4S 1" 4"
2 2" 2"
2-S 2" 2"
4-2 4" 2"
4-2S 4" 2"
4-4 4" 4"
8 8" 4"
ST Tube tester (15T scale only)
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