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BL18A Bluetooth GPS Receiver

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Product name: BL18A Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Product Description

一.Introduce production (一) Description BL-18A is the contemporary era most technique Bluetooth and GPS technique high-tech product,it can be pass Bluetooth technique disappear in your brainpower mobile,PDA,portable computer,other computer with Bluetooth equipment GPS receive data carry through position,navigation and other functions. (二) Product feature 1. Expending low power or at least 20 hours continue working time 2. High sensitivity, high capability GPS CMOS chip 3. Accord Bluetooth with 1.2 bound 4. Aegis Bluetooth COM correspond Profile (SPP Profile) 5. Making use of Nokia mobile phone charge battery,charger 6. LED indication:Bluetooth GPS,charge batter and working in fettle 7. Supply NMEA-0183 standard in 9600bps bound rate 8. Very small,Individual design,Easy convenient,Handsome (三) Technique index Passive antenna Connect MMCX standard interface Hot Start:12 sec Warm Start:38 sec Cold Start:60 sec. Channels:Up to ≤ 16 Position accuracy:3 meters CEP (90%) horizontal, SA off Maximum Altitude:10, 000m Frequency:1575.42MHz - L1 C/A Code C/A:1.023 MHz chip rate Horizontal Maximum Velocity: <514 kilometer/hour,SA off Retrieval Satellite Time Precision:100ms Time marker:Output 1 pulse/s, aligned with GPS time ±0.1 μ/S, SA off Update rate (default) 1 Hz Sensitivity:-159dBm Datum:Default WGS-84 Agreement:NMEA0183 V3.0 baud rate 4800/9600/19200,Defaul 9600 NMEA Agreement:GGA,GLL,GSA,GSV,RMC and VTG Bluetooth criterion V1.2 Sending power Class 2( 4dBm most ) Receiver Sensitivity -80dBm Communication distance Communication Profile(spp) Operation time :20 hours Charge time :2.5hours Exceeds 3GPP , TTFF and TIA performance requirements Low system impact and risk, no real time constraints UART, SPI slave or I2C slave host interface MS-Based, MS-Assisted and stand alone operation 二.Hardware feature 1. Size Machine: 73(L)x43(W)x18(h)mm, packing box: 180(L)x120(W)x35(H) mm 2. Packing (1).One host computer (2).One charge battery (3).One explanation book (4).One charger (5).One bus charger 3. Product description Blue LED,Bluetooth is back in work estate Blue LED,GPS work estate Red LED,work estate Yellow LED,Charge estate 4.LED fettle Green LED is light: GPS Without finishing finishing orientation Green LED flash quickly: GPS has finished orientation Blue LED flash quickly:Bluetooth hasn’t establish connect Blue LED flash lowly:Bluetooth has establish connect Red LED light: Working in Yellow LED: Have finishing the charge time 三.Product operation 1. Fix battery Pull out the battery lid,please refer to the remark sign insert the battery,install the battery lid again. 2. Charge Put into the charger AC input insert electric power,then put in DC head insert the product charge hole,yellow LED is not bright,indication are charging,after about 2.5 hours,yellow LED bright,indication charge finished,then please put the charger. Attention:In order to most limit increase battery life-span,please charge 10 hours at least. 3. Establish wireless connect Open the electrical source,here red LED bright,indication be back in position fettle,enter into partnership indication.At the time you ask partnership Bluetooth equipment (with Bluetooth computer,PDQ,Mobile phone,portable computer equipment ) administer order,find in choose “spc”,when main equipment need cipher,enter “0000”make sure,finish indication. 4. Testing on computer As follows upwards approach and computer arrange in pairs or groups,computer can be come into being one COM,write down this COM,then open the testing software,choose the port,set baud rate 9600bps,then open the COM,here this menu display software is current position information. Open/ close COM,baud rate set COM The secondary planet distributing map,the secondary planet go to information Receive of the secondary planet signal S/N NMEA data 四.Product application in bound This product can be pass Bluetooth wireless technique towards brainpower,PDA and move equipment carry current position information and sport information,work in brainpower mobile,PDA equipment of navigation software,finishing the navigation tracking functions.Concretely operation, please refer to the navigation software interfix of explanation documents.

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