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Product name: Glyphosate

Product Description

95% Glyphosate Technical Material

Chemical Formula: N-Glycine
Molecular Formula : C3H8NO5P
Molecular Weight: 169.07
Physical and
Chemical Properties: It's involatile white powder. It will be liquated and decomposed at about 230℃. It's solubility in water is 1.2g at 25℃. It's nonflammable and inexplosive. No reaction will occur at normal temperature. It can corrode medium carbon steel and galvanized iron sheet.
Toxicity: It's graded as low toxicity herbicide, according to the national standard of toxicity grade of pesticides. It's a little harmful to men and domestic animals. Acute LD50 through mouth of a big rat: more than 4320mg/kg Glyphosate 95%; Acute LD50 through skin of a rabbit: over 7940mg/kg Glyphosate 95%.
It's a little irritant to the eyes and skin of the rabbit and has no allergy or irritation to the skin of a guinea pig. In the test, there is no malformation, mutation or cancer in the animals.
It has low toxicity to fish and aquatic animals. LD50 of rainbow trout is 120mg/L.
It's harmless to bees and birds.

Item Specification
 Appearance  White Powder
 Assay ≥Wt.%  95.0
 Water ≤Wt.%  0.3
 NaOH Water Insoluble ≤Wt.%  0.3

Function: It's systemic conductive broad-spectrum herbicide used for control of annual and perennial plants including grasses, sedges, broad leaved weeds, and woody plants. It can be used on non-cropland as well as on a great variety of crops. By restraining enolpyruvate shikimene phosphate synthetase, it can restrain the conversion from shikimene to Phenylalanine,Tyrosine and Tryptophan and disturb the synthesis of protein to cause the death of plants. Glyphosate is harmless to the seeds and microorganism in earth, for it will be combined with ferric ion and aluminium ion,etc and lose its activity in earth.

Usage: Can be produced into 62%, 41%, 10% Glyphosate IPA Salt.
Package: 25kg or 600kg net weight PE lined in PP woven bag, 20MT/1×20"GP or 18MT/1×20"GP.
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