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The Yang a sha Embroidery

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Product name: The Yang a sha Embroidery

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The Miao nationality,is one of the minorities in China. The Miao embroidery,which has a long history, is one of characteristic embroidery arts in China.In the T'ang days,the Dongxie Miao nationality embroidered lots of kinds of birds in their clothes,which were named Huifu Niaozhang.In the Ming era,the Guiyang Miao nationality like to embroider the clothes with color line.Nearly every Miao era has its different embroidery history.The Miao nationality like embroidery just as singing,even consider it one part of their lives.There is a memorable story about the Miao embroidery.A woman header,named Lanjuan,she leaded the Miao nationality to move to the South of China once.In order to remember the experience of this moved journey,she used the color line to tag at the clothes.When they went across the Yellow River, she taged with yellow line;when they went across the Changjiang River,she taged with blue line, and so on .When they got to the place in which could reside,Lanjuan found that her clothes were full of embroidery with lots of color lines.From then on, all the Miao nationational girls will wear the embroidered clothes which are embroidered by themselves on the day when they marry.It is said that this is a way to commemorate the ancestor,the former hometown,also carry on the Miao nationality embroidery.
In the legend,Yang a sha,who is the most beautiful girl in the Miao nationality ,is the daughter of the Moon.The enlightenment of the Yang a sha Embroidery,is from the heaven and the earth ,and this handmade silvern ornament art is made from the ornament of the boys and girls who are using on the daily life in the Miao nationality.The patterns and shape on the silvern ornament,agglomerate the culture of the Miao nationality and become the totem apotheosis which is considered that can bring the good future and avoid the evil.
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