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Money Counter (HW-302 Series)

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Item specifics

Product name: Money Counter (HW-302 Series)

Product Description

HW-302 Series Euro. Or USD. Banknotes Sorting

Machine Models:
* HW-302A ( For Euro. Notes )
* HW-302B ( For USD. Notes )

* HW-302A is especially for sorting accurately and promptly Euro. Banknotes;
* HW-302B is especially for sorting accurately and promptly USD. Banknotes;
* We also have the technology abilities and advantages to develop new currencies sorters.

Features and Usages:
* This Model adopts these counterfeits detection functions: UV fluorescent detection, IR detection, magnetic ink detection (MG), Metal security thread detection (MT), and pattern detection;
* Sorting banknotes by face and non-face;
* Sorting banknotes by fitness and non-fitness, classifying notes with physical condition;
* Sorting banknotes by orientations;
* Recognize dirty notes and send them to reject pocket;
* Recognize have holes on banknotes and send them to reject pocket;
* Recognize damaged banknotes or corner-folded banknotes and send them to reject pocket;
* For each stacker, having the batch setup function;
* Having total pieces counts and value counts or added individual pieces counts and value counts.

* Consumption of Power: 150 W;
* Power Supply (AC): 220V±10% / 50Hz;
* Capacity of Hopper (Max.): 500 pcs;
* Capacity of Stacker (Max.): 200 pcs;
* Capacity of Rejecter (Max.): 50 pcs;
* Speed of Counting (pcs/Min.): 900;
* Machine Dimension (W x D x H): 456mm x 340mm x 552mm;
* Net Weight: 25 Kg.

Package Details:
* Package Dimension (W x D x H): 600mm x 410mm x 620mm;
* G.W.: 35 Kg.
Currency: USD
Unit Price:

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