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soybean protein concentrate

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Product name: soybean protein concentrate

Product Description

soybean protein concentrate (feed grade)is special to research to manufacture to produce for the animal animal feed profession.This product fastens the special technique support of top-grade production equipments in the adoption world and Israels, not to domestic turn the gene soybean has been taken off to produce the quality stable high egg white animal feed raw material in addition to the dissolubility sugar and the anti- nourishment factors but productions, the color and luster is thin yellow or ivories.Concentrated egg white of soybean is from domestic turn a kind of egg white product with high purely natural plant that the gene soybean make into not, various amino acids content is very in the product abundant, the animal food digest the absorption rate behind high, this article anti- nourishment factor content is very low at the same time, having no other strange smells, eating good, be applicable to the animal feed of the milk pig, marine products,the small cow, pet to increase specially, to the growth of the animal of small particularly beneficial.
Currency: USD
Unit Price:
Delivery: Country of Origin:Shangdong China
Standard Met:Z/BD C001--2005
Specifications:protein≥65% fat≤1% fibre≤4% Moisture≤7% animalcule summation≤30000/g coliform bacilli≤100/g,ph:6.3-6.8
Class:Gluten Meal
Packing: Packed with25kg.40kg.50kg woven bagsthe compound paper plastics picking
Product advantage:
1, compare with the fish powder:The fish powder is provided for goods to be subjected to limit and the miscellaneous quality content have another, the quantity is unsteady, the piggy food is behind the absorption rate is low and pulls easily sparse;At the same time the fish powder protects the short not easy storage of the quality period.
2, compare with the blood plasma egg white:The blood plasma egg white is the animal feed field generally accepted and high quantity egg white source surely currently, but can't it is expensive that what to deny is a price, the egg white of the blood plasma comes from the animal at the same time
3, with degrease the class powder to compare:The skim milk egg white content, the amino acids content is low, the price high source supply limit.
4, compare with pure powder of milk:The milk pure powder egg white content is low, the source supply can not compare with the hour and price is high, the piggy food behind increase the speed slowly.
Export Markets:Global
Payment Details: Irrevocable L/C

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