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Sell XK3190 SERIES A9


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Product name: Sell XK3190 SERIES A9

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Chapter 3 operating method
1. turning on the indicator and set up to zero
1.1 connect the AC power and turn on the switch, indicator starts self-check process ”99999”--“00000”, and then go in the weighing mode. If use outside DC power (battery), please connect the line correct, and then put power on , press DC switch ,the indicator go in self-checking.
1.2 you can interrupt the self-checking by press any key.
1.3 at weighing mode, if indicator displays out of zero range , but it still in the preset range, the indicator can auto set to “zero”, the parameter select and setting method in zero range please refer to the calibration chapter.
2. zero returning (auto /manual)
2.1 press “zero” for zero returning, the zero light on
2.2 value indicator displays deviate zero point, but in the preset range , press “ zero” , otherwise “zero” not works
2.3 return zero when the stable light on
3. Tare function
3.1 A9 provide 3 “tare” method
3.1.1 usual tare function
In the weighing mode, indicator displays weight “+” and in stable state, press “ tare” set the weight as “tare” deducted, the instrument shows the net weight “zero” , “tare” light on.
3.1.2 preset tare function
At the weighing mode, press “preset tare” , the indicator displays stored tare weight [p****], input the new tare weight value by Number key , and press [input] for confirmation.
3.1.3 press cargo No for saving tare
At weighing state, press [cargo No], indicator displays the [o****], press number key to input cargo No, the indicator displays saved the cargo tare value correspondingly.
4.date and time setting operation
4.1 at the weighing mode, press [date] , the date light on, indicator displays the current date, if the date correct and press [input] or [weighing]; if not, press the Number key to input correct date, press [input]for confirmed
4.2 at the weighing mode, press [time] , the date light on, indicator displays the current time, if the time correct and press [input] or [weighing]; if not, press the Number key to input correct time, press [input]for confirmed
5 accumulator usage
5.1 using battery supplies power, the indicate shows the “ battery volume” on the screen ; 3 lights on shows battery in full, two shows volume is OK, one light on shows battery volume in low, should be recharged in time.
5.2 communicate the battery to indicator, and connect AC power line, the indicator make the battery recharged. (about 30 Hrs)
5.3 make sure that the battery recharged in full before it is used for the first time,.
5.4 red end is +, black end is -.
5.6 The battery is easily exhausted products. And it is not granted free guarantee

6. inner code displaying
6.1 at the weighing mode, press [print setting]and input [2],[8] indicator displays inner code ,and inner code light on; press [print setting] and input [2],[8] the indicator quit inner code displaying state , the light turns off.
6.2 at the inner code state , all the keys are not work anymore except the [zero]and [print setting] 6.3 20 inner code equals 1 division value.
7. records store operating
7.1 indicator sets 5 digit cargo No, and 2 digit goods ID, Max.stock records include 255 cargo No. and 100goods ID
7.2 when finish saving one group of records, the printer is printing all the records meantime.
7.3 data storage 3 methods
7.3.1 save the empty cargo data ,and then store the heavy cargo data; or store the heavy cargo data first, and store the empty cargo data, twice stored data combines a full data group
7.3.2 heavy cargo
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