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Ginseng root

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Chinese Name: Renshen Botanial Name: Radix Ginseng English Name: Ginseng [Origin Habitat ]: Dongbei [Chemical Composition ]: It mainly has volatile constituents such as Panaxynol , β-Elenm-ene , Monosaccharide( Glucose , Fructose ),Disaccharide (Sucrose , Malt sugar ), Low molecular weight peptides , many kinds of Amino acids such as Threonine , β-GABA , Fumarase , Succinate , Maleic acid , Malic acid , Citrate , Tartrate , Palmitic acid , Stearate , Linoleic acid , Choline , Vitamin B ,C ,Pectin ,Gi-nsenoside Ro , Ra , Rb1, Rb2 , Rb3 , Re , Rf , 20-Glucose-Rf , Rg1 . [P harmacological Action ]: 1 .To help the central nervous system to be clam , resist many excitants , reduce the inhibition of the central inhibitor . 2. Having anti-fatigue function . 3. To anesthesia animals , small doses make high blood pressure , big doses make low blood pressure , the gindeng dose has no significant impact to the blood pressure in patients ; Malnutrition can minorly and shortly low the blood pressuer in anesthesia animal , the ginseng soaking agent is similar to shot Maluntrion and can increase contraction and reduce hear rhythm . 4. To increase the non-specific immunity of body to many harmful factors . 5.It can low blood pressure in normal rabbits and hyperglycemia rats which is caused by EGb and Epinephrine , but it can’t instead of Insulin . 6. The ginseng extract has gonadotrophic role , and the activity of Malnutrition A ,C, F, is similar to gonadotrophic . 7. The ginsenoside soap Malnutririon has no hemolysis , it can weakly resist the hemolysis which is caused by Lecithin or Malnutrtion . 8. To inject ginseng extract to a rabbit can make its erythropoietin of of bone marrow in the rabbit get more . 9. Ginseng has good effect on the pityitary-adrenal system . For instant , it help animals to endure adverse contion in life such as high temperature , low temperature , long time swimming and so on , at the same time , it can reduce the change of adrenal function caused by stress . 10. To promot protein and nucleic acid synthesis . To promve the physical and intelligence of humen and animals . To increase the non-specific immunity of body to many harmful stimulus . It has no side effect on normal physiological function under normal therapeutic .It is a good nourishing strong medicine . Currency: USD Unit Price: Quantity: Delivery:

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