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Product name: sell HERBICIDE

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Common name oxyfluorfen (BSI, E-ISO, ANSI, WSSA ); oxyfluorfène ((m) F-ISO)

IUPAC name 2-chloro-,,-trifluoro-p-tolyl 3-ethoxy-4-nitrophenyl ether

Chemical Abstracts name 2-chloro-1-(3-ethoxy-4-nitrophenoxy)-4-(trifluoromethyl)benzene

CAS RN [42874-03-3] EC no. 255-983-0 Development codes RH-2915 (Rohm & Haas) Smiles code CCOc1cc(Oc2ccc(cc2Cl)C(F)(F)F)ccc1[N+](=O)[O-]


Mol. wt. 361.7 M.f. C15H11ClF3NO4 Form Orange crystalline solid. M.p. 85-90 °C; (tech., 65-84 °C) B.p. 358.2 °C (decomp.) V.p. (pure a.i.) 0.0267 mPa (25 °C) Kow logP = 4.47 S.g./density 1.35 (73 °C) Solubility In water 0.116 mg/l (25 °C). Readily soluble in most organic solvents, e.g. acetone 72.5, cyclohexanone, isophorone 61.5, dimethylformamide >50, chloroform 50-55, mesityl oxide 40-50 (all in g/100 g, 25 °C). Stability No significant hydrolysis in 28 d at pH 5-9 (25 °C). Decomposed rapidly by u.v. irradiation; DT50 3 d (room temperature). Stable up to 50 °C.

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