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sell: Avermectin Pour-on Solution

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Item specifics

Product name: sell: Avermectin Pour-on Solution

Product Description

Name Avermectin Pour-on Solution
Origin It is a confected solution of Avermectin and Nantokite nitride .The purity of B1 (B1a+ B1b)should be90.0%~110.0% of scalar quantity; Nantokite nitride is at least 3.0%.
Description This product is clarity solution between achromatism and yellowish appreciably ropy!
Use The product is an antibiotic agent, which is active against nematodes, insects, mites and the like. The product is indicated for the treatment of gastrointestinal nematodes, hyproderma bovis, hyproderma lineatm, sheep nose bot, psoroptes ovis, sarcoptes scabiei var suis, sarcoptes ovis and the like.
Useage and dosage
Pour or inunction Recommended dosage: 0.05ml/kg b.w.
The cattle and pig should be poured along the midline of its back,from its shoulder backwards.The dog and rabbit should be spreaded the inside of their ears.
Withholding Periods
Meat: Cattle、pig: 42 days; Milk: Do not use during lactation 。
(1) 2ml :Avermectin B120mg; (2)100ml: Avermectin B110000mg;
(3) 500ml: Avermectin B150000mg.
Package 100ml/bottle、500ml/bottle、1000ml/bottle、5000 ml/bottle

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