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Mangosteen P.E

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Product name: Mangosteen P.E

Product Description

Product Name: Mangosteen P. E
Latin Name: Garcinia mangostana
Character: Brown Powder (10% α-mangostin)
Light Yellow Powder (40% α-mangostin)
Specification: 10%, 40% α-mangostin(HPLC)

About Mangosteen
Named for the French priest and explorer Laurentiers Garcin (1673 - 1751) the mangosteen is thought to have originated in Southeast Asia. It has been used for thousands of years in Chinese, Aryuvedic, and folk medicine in Asia but was also grown and used for medicinal purposes on many continents and in many countries. The mangosteen was commonly used for in treatments ranging a full spectrum of health concerns: Inflammation, diarrhea, parasites, wounds, skin infections, burns, pain, and so on.

A large percentage of those who have tasted the mangosteen claim it to be the most delicious of all fruits. As a result of the mangosteen fruit's exquisite flavor, it has been given the nickname of the "Queen of Fruits", and in the French Caribbean the "Food of the Gods". In fact, the mangosteen is the national fruit of Thailand, where it goes by the name mang khut. Other names it is known by are mangostao, mangostanier, manggis, mangostan, or semetah.
While mangosteen can be grown in Hawaii and Puerto Rico, USDA regulations have never allowed its importation to the United State's mainland. Only in 2002 did the mangosteen become available in the U. S. For the first time in the form of a functional health beverage.

There is more to the mangosteen fruit than meets the eye. For centuries, natives of Southeast Asia have been using the pericarp, or rind, for medicinal purposes. Historically, it was used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the bowel, such as diarrhea and dystentery. It was also used for treatment of skin infections (like eczema), wounds, and pathogens (bacteria and fungi). It was used to control pain, fever, and headaches.

To date, there is a broad spectrum of known traditional medicinal uses:
Pain control
Treatment of infections
Fever control
Gastro-intestinal problems
Skin rashes and burns

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