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sell pigment red

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Product name: sell pigment red

Product Description

We regularly sell printing pigment emulsion and organic pigment. pigment red, pigment yellow, pigment orange, pigment green, pigment violet, pigment blue, pigment black, pigment pink, etc. Our organic pigment includes Red series, Yellow series, Phthalocyanine Series, environmental series, and fluorescenceseries. We developed new PIGMENT RED 176, PIGMENT RED 185, PIGMENT RED 208 AND PIGMENT RED 254.

Our Red series
FAST RED F2R {ART. No.: 3130 C. I.: P. R. 2(12310)}
FAST RED RN {ART. No.: 3138 C. I.: P. R. 3(12120)}
FAST CARMINE FB {ART. No.: 3107 C. I.: P. R. 5(12490)}
FAST RED F4R {ART. No.: 3149 C. I.: P. R. 8(12335)}
PERMANENT BORDEAUX F2R {ART. No.: 3148 C. I.: P. R. 12}
FAST RED 2R {ART. No.: 3132 C. I.: P. R. 21(12300)}
FAST RED N {ART. No.: 3117 C. I.: P. R. 22(12315)}
FAST RED NC {ART. No.: 3117 C. I.: P. R. 22(12315)}
FAST ROSE {ART. No.: 3193 C. I.: P. R. 23}
RUBBER BORDEAUX BF {ART. No.: 3196 C. I.: P. R. 31}
FAST SCARLET BBN {ART. No.: 3118 C. I.: P. R. 48: 1(15865)}
BRILLIANT RED BBC & BRILLIANT RED BBP {ART. No.: 3120 C. I.: P. R. 48: 2(15865: 2)}
FAST RED BBS {ART. No.: 3124 C. I.: P. R. 48: 3(15865: 3)}
FAST RED BBM {ART. No.: 3126 C. I.: P. R. 48: 4(15865: 4)}
LITHOL RED R {ART. No.: 3144 C. I.: P. R. 49: 1(15630: 1)}
LITHOL RED RB {ART. No.: 3156 C. I.: P. R. 49: 2(15630: 2)}
XRED TONER C & Red Lake CR {ART. No.: 3110 C. I.: P. R. 53: 1(15585: 1)}
RUBINE BK-W & RUBINE BK {ART. No.: 3160 C. I.: P. R. 57: 1(15850: 1)}
RUBINE A6B & RUBINE 6B-300 {ART. No.: 3162 C. I.: P. R. 57: 1(15850: 1)}
Rubine B, RUBINE 4BGL, & Rubine SMA {ART. No.: 3180 C. I.: P. R. 57: 1(15850: 1)}
FAST RED FGR {ART. No.: 3150 C. I.: P. R. 112(12370)}
FAST RED FBB {ART. No.: 3123 C. I.: P. R. 146(12485)}
NOVOPTERM RED F5RK {ART. No.: 3128 C. I.: P. R. 170}
Fast Pink {ART. No.: 3129 C. I.: P. R. 245}

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