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geophones, geophone strings, calbe

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Product name: geophones, geophone strings, calbe

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1、Super Geophones –S Series. Super digital seismic geophone is a new kind of geophones with high spurious frequency, perfect disturbance, all parameters are controlled within ±2.5%, the distortion is lower than 0.1%. What’s more, PS-10DS can be exchanged with GS-32CT, PS-10ES can be exchanged with SM-24, and PS-10GS can be exchanged with UM-2、B Series digital geophone. B series digital geophones are mainly used in petroleum exploration. The series have wide frequency and high spurious frequency and all parameters are controlled within ±5%.
3、X series digital geophones. X series digital geophones are suitable to all kinds of seismic exploration.The distortion is low and the spurious frequency is higher than 200Hz. The parameters are controlled within ±5%.
二、geophone strings
1、VL Series Land String.VL is a very ideal sensor for land oil exploration. Its good performance simple operating, stable and reliable parameters, lightweight, and reasonable structure made VL very suitable for all kinds of complex fields such as plain, hill, mountain and desert. Now, VL is widely used in oil exploration, mineral exploration, and objection exploration.
2、VLW Series Land and Water String.The VLW series can not only be used in land but also in sea beach, shallow lake and marshland. It is specially suitable on sea beach and marshland.
3、VM Series Marsh String.M has good water resistance and its insulation resistance is no less tan 200Ω in 6 meters even more deep water after 48 hours. Small volume, lightweight and convenient servicing made VM have an unparalleled advantage to oil exploration in all kinds water area.
4、VW Series Submarine String.VM could do a good work in oil exploration, state inspection and dam prospecting. The insulation resistance of those geophones strings is not less than 200Ωafter be soaked in 15 meters deep sea water for 48 hours. It can be used with single type or hookup type. It is suitable for B series, X series and S series geophones.
5、VS Series Well String.Wide frequency band, high sensitivity, good signal- noise ratio and strong environment adapting ability made VS an ideal geophone for deep and high- resolution exploration. It is suitable for B series, X series and S series geophones.
6、VHL Series Land 3 Component.The VHL digital 3component land case is one of the newest models developed by Sunfull to provide the industry with a practical solution to the field problem of 2-C and 3-C arrays using 2 and 3 component geophones. The VHL is provided with high sensitivity, low distortion, reasonable damping, good linear response, wonderful waterproof and split-hair resolution. In spite if being used in silt, marsh or loose sandlot, it provides favorable earth’s surface coupling. The general syntonic frequency of the serial geophones is between 8Hz and 40Hz. It can be used with single type or hookup type.

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