Third Party Credit Report
BusyTrade provides our customers with credit screening service - Audit China, that fits international trade and economical cooperation organization standards. Audit China help our members run a smoother trade run and lower the risks may account.

About Audit China

“Audit China” is a self- intellectual copyright owned verifying service provided by Beijing ZhongMao YuanDa Business Counseling Co.Ltd. The company is a professional credit risk assessing and managing facility founded by the Ministry of Business and Trade. Since 2003, credit managing experts had analyzed both the international credit evaluation methods and domestic companies’ need, and created a “3+1” company credit evaluation model. This model upgraded the credit evaluation services and had become the mile stone for small or medium companies and serves as a safety net as well. The Research Center of International Trade and Commercial Cooperation is a branch of the Ministry of Commerce. In 1997, the depart of credit managing of the Center became the first organization to import the world leading credit risk assessing and managing methods which opened a new era in the Chinese commercial area. “ZhongMao YuanDa” have been founded for 20 years, the “3+1” company credit analyzing and managing model, “3+1” company credit evaluation model and company credit managing system have served thousands of Chinese companies’ needs in global company credit investigation and evaluation, account payable management and collect, credit management training and counseling, etc.

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